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Vacations – Necessity or Luxury?

I believe I am correct on this topic.

Vacations are a NECESSITY.

With the pace and stress in our society today, they are a necessity.  I understand the cost may have become a luxury in your budget, but nonetheless, you need a vacation. You need time “off” to unplug.  Yes, I said it “unplug” for a while. Stop and smell the roses.  Enjoy your family, friends, meet new people, read a book, take photos of nature,  maybe even have a meaningful conversation – without a phone beeping or buzzing! Almost all business coaches, speakers, personal developement specialists conclude that taking time off actually is needed for increased performance.

Many reports indicate that is is actually healthy. What is wrong with “disconnecting” from your routine to have fun? Don’t feel guilty, you deserve it. It is not just part of life, a good resting vacation should become a focal point in your life. It’s not a bad goal to have in 2010.

As you start inserting dates in your new 2010 calender, be bold, take the time to block the time out – now.  Then take the time with your loved one or traveling companion and figure out where you are going to go and what you may wan to do or see. It doesn’t matter if it is an upstate getaway to a friends cabin, exploring Europe or Alaska on a cruise, a beach chair on an island, having someone serving you poolside (nice), walking a beach at sunset.  Just start visualizing yourself somewhere, give yourself a goal, and do what you need to do so you can look back at the end of 2010 with vivid memories and the feeling that ” I am glad I did it!”

We are fortunate to interact with people taking great vacations. I hear many of them say…”We were looking at our pictures from our last trip, and decided it has been too long. We need to go again.” Are you ready to getaway?”

I wish you the best vacation ever this coming year.

Sincerely, Matt Cervone

Chief Escape Officer

Just Cruises & Vacations

P.S. Of course, our Escape Artists can help make the planning process fun and affordable. Just click the Get To Know Us Tab on top


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