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Building Incredible In Every Aspect

We have been talking quite a bit on our escape artist radio show about the all-new Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas. The Oasis is set to sail in December and already creating a buzz among the cruise industry.

But believe it or not, some of the behind the scenes plans are worth highlighting.  Most passengers don’t realize how all the little details are completely thought out and planned in order to make someone’s cruise experience positive.

Take for example, the all-new terminal, Terminal 18 that Royal Caribbean has built in order to accommodate the Oasis of the Seas. The terminal is located in Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and is incredible. Royal Caribbean has invested $40 million in order to build this brand new terminal. “With a ship this size you have to make sure the infrastructure is in place in order to accommodate the flow of the ship as well as guest capacity” says Royal Caribbean Representative, Marianne Hessler.  Further more, with this new terminal in place, Royal Caribbean’s goal is to shorten the wait time for customers waiting to embark pier side to only 15 minutes. 15 minutes? That is incredible.

Royal Caribbean just knows how to do things right. This all started with Voyager class of ships. They have done a great job of creating a great embarkation experience for our customers. Years ago, there was no such thing as a streamlined process and the embarkation/debarkation processes were know for being chaotic. When I started in the business, I remember the days when it often took hours to get off the ship. Not anymore.

Thanks to the well-thought out plans and the investment Royal Caribbean makes to streamline this process, it adds a very positive start, and finish, to the whole cruising experience for our clients.

Royal Caribbean really does build incredible – in every aspect.

Happy Cruising!


Matt Cervone
Chief Escape Officer
Just Cruises & Vacations

To hear more about the all-new anticipated Oasis of the Seas, tune in to Escape Artist Radio Show every Tuesday @ 3:00 pm est / Noon pacific


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