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A Solution For Stress

Here’s part of an industry article that I thought I would share ….

Chicago is America’s most stressed-out city and Miami is the least, according to the the Princess Cruises Life Balance Barometer survey.

Not surprisingly, Princess also found that a vacation can be an antidote to that stress.

Houston, Boston, Los Angeles and San Diego also made the top-five list of most stressed-out cities.

Miami was joined by Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Las Vegas and Dallas/Fort Worth as places where people claim to have ” the most amount of life balance.”

Jan Swartz, Princess’ executive vice president, said the cruise line did the survey “because we believe we offer Americans the perfect escape from their busy, frenetic lives; a way for people to break away from their everyday routine to refresh and relax.”

She added that Princess hoped to determine what stressed people needed to do to get back on track.

“While it’s clear from the results that many people do not have life balance, we were pleased to see that one of the key enablers to living a balanced life was taking a vacation,” she said.

“In fact, we discovered there is a direct correlation between taking vacations and having a balanced life, as 64% of people who say they have attained life balance have taken a vacation in the last year.”

According to the survey, 72% of Americans said they do not have balance in their lives. They cited financial stress, the poor economy and the need to lose weight and get fit as the main reasons why.

The top things Americans said would help them achieve better life balance were realizing financial success, improving physical fitness, getting organized and taking more breaks and vacations.

But the survey also found that Americans weren’t taking their own advice. One in four Americans were not planning to take all their vacation days this year, with 40% of that group citing work-related reasons.

Instead of vacationing, the top five things Americans said they did to relieve stress at the end of the day were changing clothes, laying down, kissing their partner, playing with their pet and reading.

I believe, the bottom line, is we all need to stop stressing and start living.

Not tomorrow, not someday, but TODAY.

Why not start with a cruise?


Matt Cervone
Chief Escape Officer
Just Cruises & Vacations


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