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Never Cruised Before?

Here is a few excerpts from an email that we recently sent our clients.

I thought it may be helpful   Matt

Never Cruised Before?

Never Cruised Before?You may have heard the great benefit of taking a cruise is that you unpack once in your room, and your whole room moves from destination to destination.  While that is REALLY convenient, there are some other benefits to cruising you may not know.

Ease.  Not having to pack and unpack is only part of it….It is fantastic to wake up every morning in an exciting new port without having to get on buses, planes or trains to get there.  Each day brings a new adventure. You can enjoy ship activities, dining, and spectacular views in transit to the next destination.

Value. Cruising is a great value. You pay one price and your room, dining and entertainment are included in that price. You will find cruise ships offer great cuisine as part of your cruise price.

Variety. There are so many new cruise ships with all different kind of activities and styles. Anyone can find a cruise that fits their dreams and their wallets. Cruise destinations vary from sun and fun, to educational, to wildlife and adventure and to everything in-between.

Entertainment. There is no end to the entertainment on cruise ships. You could keep yourself busy all day everyday with the different shows and activities. Families traveling together have all kinds of options. Many ships have children’s “camps” that entertain the kids and let parents enjoy some time on their own. Many of the ships also offer lecture series that allow passengers valuable insight and history about different destinations or other exciting topics.

Social. For outgoing people and even some shy people, cruising has an opportunity to meet some fascinating people. Many people have found great friends on board that they remain in touch with for years after. Some people have even been known to cruise again with their new friends they met on a cruise.

Whatever vacation and destination dreams you have, there is a cruise that will meet your needs.


Matt Cervone
Chief Escape Officer
Just Cruises & Vacations


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