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Why Holiday Cruising ???

Why cruise during the Holidays?  The better question is, why not cruise during the Holidays?

During  “Travel Talk with the Escape Artists” episode #1, we discuss, along with Royal Caribbean Representative Marianne Hessler, the benefits of cruising during the holidays.

We discuss that “someone” we all know who says they “love to cook” for the holidays.   Can this really be?  I can’t imagine that after whipping up the first batch of cookies, that “someone” actually loves to slave in the kitchen for an entire week,  not to mention the hundreds of dollars spent doing it.  We challenge you to think about this:  Is it the actual cooking they say they love to do, or, do they  just love getting the family together for the holiday?

Imagine Mom, or Grandma, enjoying being served  a nine course meal onboard a ship, that they did not have to prepare? Do you think they may be able to have their own fond memories with their family if they did not have to cook for a week?  Or, do you think that they could enjoy a REAL conversation with their kids, whatever age they may be?  Do you think that all of this may be the REAL reason to consider being on a ship together for a week….with time to appreciate one another and create lifetime memories?

The next time you think there is “no way” you could go away over the Holiday’s, you may want to stop again and think about the real reason for the holidays.  Think about it this way, 10 years from now, will your kids remember that shirt, doll,  or game they wanted, or, will they remember all the fun they had together with their family cruising during their Holiday vacation?

I’ll let you be the judge.

Wherever you end up, we wish you a great holiday season!

Matt Cervone
President & CEO, Chief Escape Officer
Just Cruises & Vacations


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