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Price Guarantee for Cruises?

Yes, you’re going to start seeing it posted everywhere.

Well, on Royal Caribbean promotions, that is.

We’ve all noticed the consumer trend is to wait longer and longer and booking closer to the sailing date.  The perception is that if you wait longer, you will get a better deal. But,that is not always the case, in fact if the cruise that you want starts to sell out, the cruise fare will rise. as consumers, this is not what you or I want.

Here it is….“If your cruise price drops, we’ll make up the difference” – this is Royal Caribbean’s All-New Price Protection Program.

Royal Caribbean’s new Price Guarantee gives the consumer a sense of comfort. See, if the cost of your cruise goes down between time of booking and 72 hours prior to sailing, and you are eligible for the lower rate, you will receive an on board credit equal to the price differences OR you will be given the option of upgrading your stateroom, based on availability and price paid.  Most of our clients are excited for the upgrade! Imagine, a balcony or veranda upgrade? Wow.

Of course there are some additional details that we have to share. We have a FAQ in a PDF here in the office. If interested, we will be happy to email it to you.

Bottom line, this is an exceptional program.

You should consider taking advantage of it.  “Why Not?

If you are still not sure…here’s a very brief interview from a Royal Caribbean passenger while on board.

Happy Sailing!


Matt Cervone
President & CEO, Chief Escape Officer
Just Cruises & Vacations


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