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A Solution for Businesses and Charities

Times are tough.  We know.

And because vacations have always been considered a luxury, people are challenged with getting away more than before.  As a result, the idea of taking a vacation; like a cruise, is becoming less realistic for many.

Companies small and large, are always looking for creative solutions to motivate employees and reward  loyal customers in order to help their business succeed. As a result of current economy, vacations, once again, have become a desirable reward.

Through the years we have successfully assisted corporate clients with many vacation reward programs, which in return has resulted in increased employee productivity and sales.

And now Royal Caribbean has just rolled out a new and improved  Incentive Cruise Certificate program that puts the “X” into flexibility. And, it can easily be applied to any reward or incentive.

The greatest part about this program is that their are NO upfront costs.  This means that you can use this incentive to motivate and promote business, but you do not have to put out any expenses until your profit goals are achieved.

Here’s an idea of how easy this is:

Step 1:  Pick the level of your Cruise Certificate program

Step 2: Kick off your incentive/sales promotion

Step 3: When promotion ends or goals reached, purchase cruise certificate

Step 4: Cruise Certificates are delivered to you to distribute

Step 5: When Certificate holder is ready to redeem their reward they simply call us, or the cruise line, and we can handle the rest

Besides, who wouldn’t  be motivated or loyal to a business with an incentive to receive a cruise? Here is the best part;  the person being rewarded will have the flexibility to upgrade and/or transfer their certificate if they wish. This is a win – win for all.

This is also proven to be a motivator for ticket or raffle sales for any fundraising efforts.

If you would like help putting this together for your company, we can help steer the ship.

Give us a call or e-mail me directly.


Matt Cervone
Chief Escape Officer
Just Cruises & Vacations


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