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What's Your Fundraising Strategy?

Looking for creative solution to raising money for your non-profit or organization? Here is an easy way to achieve your fundraising goals that requires no upfront cost, no pamphlets to pass out and no order forms to sort, turn in or calculate. And best of all, there’s no running around after the sale to deliver orders to customers.

Royal Caribbean has just rolled out an Incentive Cruise Certificate program that puts the “X” into flexibility. And, it can easily be applied to any charitable raffle to stimulate increased fundraising.

Okay, here’s how easy this is:

Step 1: Your organization picks the cruise length, sailing time frame, and type of stateroom (inside, outside, balcony) to be awarded.  This will determine your raffle ticket cost based on your fundraising goals.

Step 2: Raffle tickets are printed for your organization

Step 3: Begin raffle ticket sale

Step 4: End of ticket sales.  Purchase Cruise Certificate.  Perform your Drawing and pull your winner to award certificate.  Your organization keeps the balance.

I can’t think of a better or easier or way to earn extra money for you organization, team or non-profit.

Besides, who wouldn’t  want a chance to win a cruise? Here is the best part;  the winning ticket holder will have the flexibility to upgrade and/or transfer their certificate if they wish. This is a win, win for all.

This is also proven to be a motivator for employee incentives as well as customer appreciation programs.

If you would like see some examples that work, take a look.

If you would like help putting this together for your organization, we can help steer the ship.

Give us a call or e-mail me directly.


Matt Cervone
Chief Escape Officer
Just Cruises & Vacations


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