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From Thrilling to Chilling

Earlier this year our friends visited Quebec City.  When in Quebec they had visited a hotel that was made entirely out of ice called the Hotel de Glace.  They described the experience as fascinating.

In addition to this Quebec attraction, there are a handful of similar attractions throughout the world.  They include the Ice Hotel in Sweden , Balea Lake Ice Hotel in Romania, Kemi Snow Castle & Lainio Snow Village in Finland, Kirkenus Snow Hotel, Ice Lodge & Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Norway.  It really is fascinating how they construct these wonders.  All of the ice hotels are reconstructed every year and depend on the sub freezing temperatures both during construction and during operation.  Everything from the walls, fixtures, and fitting are made entirely out of ice.  Even the beds are made of ice. Talk about a chilling experience!

Sometimes associated with the ice hotel is an ice bar or nightclub constructed primarily out of ice.  As a result,  several ice bars  have become a tourist hot-spot in cities like Miami, Orlando & LasVegas.   Everything, from the glasses, bar stools and bar are all made out of ice, in addition to the sculptures.

And now, beginning July 2010, the very first Ice Bar at sea will be featured on the all-new NCL Epic. Set at a temperature of under 17 degrees F, it is sure to take the term “on the rocks” to a new level. Wow, an actual “ice bar’ at sea.  I predict that it will be a great place to visit  after a hot day at the pool.

Artist rendering of the Ice Bar on the NCL Epic.

Artist rendering of the Ice Bar on the NCL Epic.

Take some time to take a look.

Better yet, consider an escape of your own. You may surprised at how affordable it is.

Our Escape Artists claim that the rates and availablility are better than expected.

We can’t think of a cooler way to beat the heat while sailing the Caribbean.


Matt Cervone
Chief Escape Officer
Just Cruises & Vacations


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