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What is a Gourmet Inclusive Vacation?

It’s not all about the cuisine. It’s about the experience.  That’s what the travel bug is…adventure and experiences.

So what is this Gourmet Inclusive Vacation? Quite frankly, the ultimate in All-Inclusive vacationing.

The experience starts the moment you walk in the resort. The Staff  greet you with a smile, a refreshing towel and a welcome cocktail. A nice touch. The overall atmosphere of the resorts exudes a relaxed, yet upscale environment. The decor is indicative of this. The landscaping reminds you of a tropical garden. The multiple pools ands swim up bars are along the white sand beaches, which feature beach beds. Nice. You are pampered with remarkable services and amenities such as beach butlers, concierge, turn-down, 24-hour room service. The bars serve premium beverages, gourmet appetizers and cuisine. The bartenders quickly learn your favorite drink. It’s ready for you the next time you return. The spa is simply “amazing,” making you feel like a new person.  No more stress.

The cuisine is spectacular. It is also been described as “Exquisite”and “Decadent.”

You get the picture ?

Gourmet is not stuffy. It is simply a new description of exceptional  hospitality.

In my opinion, it’s the way travel should be.

See you on the Beach!


Matt Cervone
Chief Escape Officer
Just Cruises & Vacations


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