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The "Babymoon Getaway"

The “babymoon” – the one last trip before the baby arrives – is being enjoyed by more and more expectant couples. Such a getaway allows for pampering, relaxation and enjoyment of the brief quiet before the storm that changes a couples life forever. Couples become quite accustomed to packing up and taking off whenever the mood strikes. However, with the impending parenthood, that spontaneity is halted temporarily. Many resorts are catering to this travel trend and offer packages especially designed to pamper the parents-to-be before they begin spoiling their little bundle of joy. Although, these packages do not exist at every resort, a couple can simply plan their own “babymoon” by mutually choosing a destination that will provide a romantic setting to cherish the time spent as two before they become three.

As experienced parents, My wife and I highly recommend it!

This is an article we shared in a recent email to our clients…thought you may find it interesting or may want to pass it along to an expecting couple.


Matt Cervone
Chief Escape Officer
Just Cruises & Vacations


2 thoughts on “The "Babymoon Getaway"

  1. The babymoon is the greatest invention ever. I’m thinking of starting the “One-Year-Moon” when the kid turns one.

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